Here are the four projects I worked on during my Master’s degree year at the IED in Madrid.
Each one of them contains first a phase of investigation of the context, the competence and the user, then a part of conception, to end with the realization of a proposal. I had the opportunity to work in larger and smaller groups and even alone for my final project.

This is my year-end project.
I have decided to address the gap between the existing initiatives not to waste food and people who do not have access to these services. The project is really big and complex, if you want more information I will be happy to provide it.

This was the project with the most marked social impact. For this project we had the opportunity to get to know personally the reality for which we worked. For a week we lived in close contact with the people of Puerto Nariño, Amazon. It was an enlightening experience and one of the projects that involved me the most.

For this project we collaborated with the Imaginarium brand. We were asked to change people’s perception of the brand: it had to be perceived as more accessible for everyone. They also wanted new proposals to activate a younger target. From here was born the idea of recycling, donations and personalization: Play again.

The first project we faced during the year was with Arcelor Mittal, the world’s largest steel producer. The company was exploring new business opportunities and thanks to a partnership with NH Hotels it was able to enter the world of hospitality. The brand’s mission went beyond simply building fully modular hotel rooms. What they wanted to create was a complete experience. Our mission was to find this added value for their work.