Before my passion for graphics, video and design in general came out, I attended a scientific and technological high school. I must say that I’m glad to have learned a lot from very different subjects, from philosophy to physics, from biology to mathematics. Among them I also studied computer science. 
I am still far from being a computer genius, but I have a basic knowledge of c++ and HTML. 
Now I’m able to manage WordPress websites and to work with Elementor and WooCommerce plugins.

For all those who are wondering, yes, I have made my entire website. Hope you like it!

For my first internship I was hired by a company to create an intranet site for them to resell some furniture to their employees. 
I created it with WordPress and this gave me the possibility to to familiarize myself with WooCommerce and a premium plugin to manage auctions. I had to create and organize the contents, create a graphic according to the company’s one and make it easily accessible and navigable for the user (that’s how I started to learn the basics of UX, studied better later during my Master at IED Madrid). 

Unfortunately it’s possible to reach the website only being connected to the company network, but I have some screenshots and some more details.