Mor+ for Room23

Mor+ was created in 2019

During my Master at IED Madrid we collaborated with Arcelor Mittal to their Room23 project and Mor+ is the concept that my group presented. 
Arcelor Mittal is a multinational steel manufacturing corporation, guided by a philosophy to produce safe, sustainable steel.
Actually the world’s largest steel producer. 


Room23 is an open innovation consortium that allow the technological and user partners to research and improve their techonology and services. 

In the specific, the technological parteners (Baragaño, Cosentino, Roca, Geopannel, Normalux, Ecus) will test new technology initiatives around Technologies for People, providing flexible and modular habitats, while the user parter (Hotel Palacio Ferrera of NH Collection in Avilés) will implement and test innovations in their business.

Arcelor Mittal asked us to develop three main areas of this project finding solutions suitable for Avilés and that could be implemented globally :
 Services / Value Proposition 
 Data / Research

Mor+ for Room23


Mor+ is the concept that we want to apply to Room23.
It covers the three essencial component of a place and this is foundamental since an hotel room is considered as a non-place, a place that people have no real attachment to.  We need the guest to feel this connection with the room in order to create a tailored one-of-a-kind experience.

Here’s the three components of a place and how Mor+ can add value to it in Room23:

• Function and use of the space – through hotel service know how’s
• Physical attributes of the space – through modular design
• Meaning and emotion of the users – through local and authentic experiences



We proposed to use a webapp to collect data from the guest in order to create a personalized experience for them and know what to improve about space, services and products for the partners. The webapp is created to drive and assist the guest from the booking process to the post-stay. It can be available both on computer or smartphone.



Always through the webapp, before booking the room, the guest has the possibility to select ad reserve one of the available plugin for Room23.
A plugin is an extra room with a specific theme that is attached to Room23. It offers to the guest a more immersive and personalized experience.
Down here how it works and which plugins are available.


• Working station
• Relax room
• Hangover room


• The outside inside
• Biophilic design
• Sand floor


• Glass structure with camping kit
• Rain curtain
• Grass floor

Moreover, Room23 is a modular room. This means that can easily be moved and transported.
With Mor+ we wont to go further and in the future Room23 will be positionable even outside the city in more natural places.


Once the plugin is booked the only thingh the guest has to do is reserving optional experiences to add to his stay.
We created nine personalized experiences that will help the guest to dive into the local culture and discover the territory.

All the experiences needed to be very local but applicable on a global scale.
With Mor+ we think globally in a local scale 

The nine experiences where divided in three main groups: food, culture and laisure.
With the video you can get a taste of the experiences with Room23.

Thanks to:

Alejandra Orellana – especially for user journey and business models

Erick Reyes Alva De La Selva – especially for plugin development

Jesada Noenlop – especially for plugin development and rendering

Mariana González Vega – especially for concept creation and storytelling