Here you can see some videos and animations I’ve been working on. The main software I use are Premier Pro and After Affect from the Adobe Suite.
I really enjoy both shooting and editing, and I’m happy to have been able to attend the courses during my Master’s year at IED Madrid.

I like to experiment and learn new techniques. If you want to collaborate or see more videos and animations, don’t hesitate  to contact me 🙂
And yes, of course I also did the animations on the homepage.

I really like the final effect that can be achieved with the stop motion technique. It doesn’t require a lot of technical skills, just a lot of creativity and patience. I really enjoyed creating this and now I can’t wait to experiment more. 

You can see the full project here

My friends and I were lucky enough to have the chance to live in the Amazon rainforest for a week. It was a wild, cultural and spiritual adventure. With this video I wanted to give a taste of the experience, showing what we did, the wonderful nature and the welcoming people we were lucky enough to meet. If you want to know why we went there, take a look at this project

All the footage is mine, simply made with a Samsung S8.

This was my first serious animation done with After Effect. I made this video to show and briefly explain how the final project of my Master worked. Afterwards I had the chance to work more with this software and improve, but I will always be proud of this first result.

This video was created to briefly introduce all the experiences that a guest of Room23 could book. Here you can see all the nine experiences, divided into the three cluster: food, culture and leisure.

This video was the first video I’ve made with Premier Pro.